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Research And Development Centre

Research And Development Centre

Finding innovative solutions for agriculture problems is what being a fertilizer company is about.

At The Humates and Seaweeds Mfg. Co. we are committed to developing fertilizer products which are environment friendly and soil enhancing to contribute to sustainable agricultural practices.  As a manufacture company, THS is ideally placed to contribute to progress towards more efficient agriculture growing; this is why our research and development projects are part of our vision.

Our entire line of high-performance fertilizers are formulated with scientifically based recommendations to help growers achieve the best possible production yields while preserving our environment.

Market-driven research and development offer perhaps the most visible outcomes of our mission. Our mission drives our partnerships with our customers and underpins our on-going growth and success. Our research model ensures market relevance by involving our growers throughout the product’s research and development cycle and by giving our expert customers guiding roles in our research. This model is already providing tangible outcomes in terms of our new products arriving on the market.

Our research work includes:

  • The development of new fertilizer products.
  • The optimization of existing line of products.
  • The implementation of new agriculture technologies.

We are especially interested in the following themes:

  • Developing new process and new raw material to enhance effectiveness.
  • Improving soil quality and enhancing water-holding capacity.
  • Encouraging the release the nutrients through microscopic life.
  • Green technology.

Beside our scientific research, we put a lot of weight on our market research studies which involve the survey of our customer growers in each region where our products are used. Information gathering, research and process development related to the utilization and combination of organic sources to produce fertilizer are tried out on continuous bases.

Our people take great pride in the products we produce to offer effective ingredients while preserving the environment.

We recognize the responsibilities that come with sustaining the agriculture production of our world. Our product development processes are guided by policies that help us contribute to sustainable agricultural practices.