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Our Profile

The Humates And Seaweeds Pvt. Ltd.

Humates and Seaweeds manufacturing company is a solution for Organic Farming and was inspired by the concept of Make in India. It has expertise in making high quality Organic fertilizers like Seaweeds, Amino acids etc. After a lot of study of agriculture practices around the world, it was found that the major problem faced by farmers was unavailability of good quality organic fertilizer and over dependency on Chemical fertilizers. These resulted in deteriorating condition of soil and decrease in yield. Humates and Seaweed was envisaged to give farmers organic solution which will help them to improve the quality and yield.


Industry-leading research and development drives innovation and supports the constant renovation of our organic fertilizer portfolio. In addition, our researchers are exploring the role of nutrition to maintain or improve plant growth and investigating how we can help farmers to improve the yield and quality. By sharing our insights on farming challenges, by building partnerships and by engaging with stakeholders and key opinion leaders we strive to have a positive impact on the societies in which we operate.

Humates & Seaweeds Strategic Roadmap

The Humates & Seaweeds Strategic Roadmap is the compass that guides our organization, driving internal alignment behind our goals. The roadmap shows how we deliver profitable growth, the competitive advantages that we leverage and the organization we have chosen, in order to be effective and efficient. It is the framework that we use to establish priorities and drive execution.

Our objective is to be the leader in Plant health solutions, and the industry reference for financial performance, trusted by stakeholders.

Our strategic priorities

  • Make Choices: put resources behind the ideas, products and categories that help us on our journey to be recognized as leaders in plant health solutions, and to deliver sustained financial performance.
  • Grasp Opportunities: see the opportunity in change and trends, and translate them into concrete business opportunities.
  • Value What Consumers Value: all that we do should create value for consumers and drive out waste.
  • Engage with Stakeholders: we want to be trusted by all consumers and stakeholders as a genuine and responsible member of the community.
  • Embrace Digital: deepen the connection with consumers through the growing e-commerce channel and through real-time listening, engagement and dialogue.
  • Win through People and Teams: we need the right people with the right capabilities and effective leadership at all levels to engage, empower and enable everyone to give their best.

Quality And Safety

Our commitment to consumers

Quality and Safety for our consumers is Humates & Seaweed’s top priority. This applies to our  entire portfolio. Quality assurance and product safety is one of Humates & Seaweed’s Corporate  Business Principles, which form the foundation of all we do.

Humates & Seaweed Quality Policy

  • Our actions to ensure quality is guided by the company’s Quality Policy which describes   our commitment to build trust by offering products and services that match consumer   expectation and preference
  • Comply with all internal and external safety, regulatory and quality requirements
  • Gain a zero-defect, no-waste attitude by everyone in our company
  • Make quality a group-wide objective

Humates & Seaweed Quality Management System

Our Quality Management System is the platform that we use globally to guarantee safety, compliance with quality standards and to create value for consumers. Our internal Quality Management System is to prove conformity to internal standards, laws and regulatory requirements. The Quality Management System ensures our ongoing access to high quality raw materials

Quality by design

Quality is built in during product development according to the requirements of the consumers and following all safety and regulatory requirements. Humates & Seaweed’s R&D network applies in this “Quality by design” to all of our products.

Good Manufacturing Practices

We apply internationally recognized Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure quality and safety. GMP covers all aspects of manufacturing, including standard operating procedures, people management and training, equipment maintenance, and handling of materials

Clean factory

We apply a system to ensure safety. This preventive and science based system identifies, evaluates, and controls hazards that are significant for safety. It covers the entire production process from raw materials to distribution and consumption.